Cleaning Services Centurion, Doringkloof

At Skitterblink Doringkloof our passion is ultimate client service through the various types of cleaning services we offer. We custom fit our service to meet the clients cleaning needs and requirements, to offer the best quality service possible.

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Areas that Skitterblink Doringkloof covers:

  • Centurion Golf Estate
  • Cornwall Hill
  • Doornvallei
  • Doringkloof
  • Eco Park Estate
  • Highveld
  • Highveld Techno Park
  • Irene
  • Irene Glen
  • Irene Security Estate
  • Irene View Estate
  • Pierre van Ryneveld
  • Rietvalleipark
  • Rietvlei
  • Rietvlei Heights
  • South Downs Irene Country Farm
  • Verwoerdburgstad
  • Zwartkop
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Skitterblink is well-known for its team concept that was developed in the mid 90’s. We were one of the first cleaning services in SA that implemented this concept. Our teams consist of 1 Supervisor and 3 Cleaning Ladies.

Our mobile teams, equipped with chemicals and equipment, move from house to house on a daily basis. We have a variety of services like Budget, Standard and Delux to suit all needs of our clients. We can deliver these services on a weekly basis or once-off, depending on your requirements. Due to this winning recipe we are cleaning close to 2000 homes per month in the Skitterblink group. You can get an online quote here.

Currently our Business services are aimed specificly at smaller businesses. This services covers all the day-to-day cleaning tasks of a business. However, we are more than willing to adapt our service to fit your specific cleaning requirements. You are more than welcome to contact us regarding our 2, 3 or 5-day placements. Get an online quote here.

Skitterblink uses industrial carpet cleaning machine to clean your carpets, upholstery and even your mattresses after sanitizing it.

We also take special care of your curtains. We take the curtains down, wash them and rehang the mfor you. Delicate materials are hand washed and sun-dried to add freshness to the material.

Butler & Diplomatic Services

Our Butler Service was born from the need to offer an one-stop service to Diplomatic residences. It is based on our experience in the domestic and commercial cleaning industry and engagement of cleaning at various Embassy residences.

The butler service is not only for embassies but also available to the hospitality industry and domestic premises.


Skitterblink Butler Service includes the following:

  • General cleaning of domestic premises: interior and exterior cleaning
  • Window cleaning inside & outside, reachable and out of reach windows
  • Carpet cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning (Also sanitizing, while cleaning)
  • Curtain Cleaning
  • Washing and Sanitizing of Mattresses
  • Cleaning of chandeliers

Hygiene Services

Skitterblink Doringkloof is a hygiene service provider that provides bio hazard removal, consumables and rental of various dispensers. The Client can also buy the dispensers directly from us, without renting it. In doing so you can lower your company overheads significantly on a monthly basis. We specialize in hygiene services for a broad spectrum of businesses and industries at affordable rates.

Importance of a Hygiene Service:

  • Encourages a germ-free and clean working environment
  • Decreases absenteeism
  • Gives a positive impression to your customers and staff
  • Protects your products, staff and customers health

We guarantee our:

  • Reliability
  • High level of Service
  • Quality Products
  • Personal attention and service
  • Professionalism

And remember: There is a lifetime warranty on all working parts of our dispensers

Customised solution

We understand the importance of providing a hygienic washroom environment. We customise our hygiene program specific to your needs. We bring our cleaning staff expertise to your offices and we also have an extensive range of products/dispensers including white, satin, black, and stainless steel ranges in:

  • Air Freshener Dispensers
  • Hand & Seat Sanitisers
  • Paper Towel Dispensers
  • Hand Dryers
  • Toilet Hygiene Services
  • Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers

About Skitterblink Cleaning Services Centurion, Doringkloof

Skitterblink Doringkloof is the pilot franchise of the Skitterblink Franchise group and operates since 1997 as part of Skitterblink Franchisor Head Office.

We peruses excellence in all we do at Skitterblink Doringkloof,we to grow our franchise cost effective and people-orientated. Our personnel are carefully selected and recruited. By investing in our personnel through training and social upliftment we ensure reliable, trustworthy and dedicated employees.

All employees are fully trained theoretically and practically. We believe that supervision and well-trained personnel is our key to excellent client service.

Skitterblink Doringkloof has a high rate of availability on short time notice, due to the fact that we operate with contract & adhoc teams and work hand in hand with fellow Skitterblink Franchisees – ready to serve your cleaning need.

Contact us at 076 285-0103 for a quotation or any other request.

Skitterblink complies with all BEE requirements and we are also VAT registered.