Cleaning Services Silverlakes, Pretoria

We service the following suburbs in Pretoria:
  • Bashewa,
  • Boardwalk,
  • Boardwalk Manor,
  • Boardwalk Meander,
  • Boardwalk Villas
  • Bronberg,
  • Bronberg Close,
  • Camel Valley,
  • Equistria,
  • Hazeldean,
  • Newmark Estate,
  • Olympus AH,
  • Olympus Country Estate
  • Paradiso,
  • Paramount Estates,
  • Tijger Vallei,
  • Valley Farm AH,
  • Wllow Acres,
  • Willow Park Manor,
  • Zwavelpoort,
  • Zwavel Villa.

Our dedicated teams are focused on giving you, a reliable quality service at all times!

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Skitterblink Silverlakes offers three different types of Once-off domestic cleaning services:

  1. Once-off Spring Cleaning of your furnished home.
  2. Once-off Spring Cleaning of Pre- or Post-Occupational homes (Moving in or out).
  3. Once-off) Spring Cleaning of Newly built homes (Builders Clean)

We offer the following types of contract cleaning services on a twice weekly, weekly of bi-weekly basis:

Budget, Standard or Deluxe Team Cleaning Service.

  1. Our Budget Cleaning service is provided according to the personal requirements and budget guidelines of the client. Suggested for bachelors and pensioners living in small dwellings, such as garden cottages, 1 bedroom apartments and townhouses.
  2. Our Standard Cleaning service includes a 15 step cleaning procedure we have developed over the years from experience in the domestic cleaning sector. Suggested for bigger dwellings (townhouses and houses) occupied by small families.
  3. Our Deluxe Cleaning service include all 15 steps mentioned in our standard service plus 10 additional steps we have developed over the years from experience in the domestic cleaning sector. Suggested for medium to large dwellings (townhouses and houses) occupied by bigger and busier families.

Business Cleaning Service

Our Business Cleaning Service was developed for small to medium business enterprises.

We follow a 20 step cleaning procedure developed over years of experience in the business & commercial cleaning sector.

Silverlakes Cleaning Services Offers Professional cleaning of carpets and furniture.  We use the wet cleaning method, not steam cleaning.  We provide all industrial cleaning equipment and chemicals needed for the cleaning process.

Silverlakes Cleaning Services offers Professional cleaning for out of reach windows. These include windows on second floors that can not be reached with 2-step ladders.

As an insured cleaning service provider you can rest assured that we will clean all windows with the required safety measures in place.

If you have a very busy household and need cleaning more frequent, we have the solution for you!!

Skitterblink can place a qualified, trained, reference checked cleaner at your premises with chemicals, cleaning equipment and brush ware to take care of your cleaning requirements. A weekly schedule is developed for the cleaner to ensure that she optimizes the time available to clean.

Regular visits are made by a Skitterblink Manager to ensure quality cleaning standards are achieved and thereby ensuring value for money for you.

About Skitterblink Cleaning Services Silverlakes

Skitterbink Cleaning Services Silverlakes creates and promotes a stable, safe and friendly working environment for our staff by awarding them for their loyalty and dedication, thereby ensuring reliable, trustworthy teams under Supervision, taking care of your most precious possessions during the cleaning sessions. But should we break an item, whilst cleaning, do not worry, Skitterblink is fully insured and the item will be replaced.