7 Must-Have Tools When Cleaning Your House

The most important cleaning tools for domestic cleaning2(This is a guest blog from South Kensington Carpet Cleaning Company)

These are the tools, which can save time and help clean everything better, than using regular sponges and towels with plenty of physical exercises. The most important cleaning tools for domestic cleaning may be small and big, as well as professional or homemade, but they all are very useful when it comes to the big domestic cleaning that takes place once or twice a year. Check out some great examples to include in your tool kit.

– Wet wipes. Although often underestimated as a cleaning tool, some wet wipes contain a small amount of alcohol, which makes them perfect for rubbing light stains onto leather, wood, stone, tiles or other gloss surfaces. The wet wipes can easily help you with the wiping of dust too.

– A squeegee. This tool is indispensable for quick and easy tasks when dealing with the windows. This tool is the most time-efficient tool for windows, because it ensures a greater surface coverage for the same time as when wiping with a towel, for example. Just a quick polish with a dry paper towel and you can eliminate all the traces of stripes or other dry traces if any. Not to mention that the squeegee is perfect for a variety of other glass surfaces like mirrors, glass tables, glass doors of cabinets, glass shelves of cupboards, and more.

– A hot-water, steam or dry-foam cleaning machine. They are just perfect for carpeting and if you don`t want to call a special team of carpet cleaners – then rent only a machine and do everything else by yourself. Make sure to know how to use such a machine and the result will be always professional. What better way for dealing with the huge carpets and rugs even without removing them from their places!

– A grooming brush, a soft brush, an old toothbrush. They all are perfect for a variety of cases. For instance, let`s take the wiping of dust from suit, jackets, shoes or textile upholstery. Or else, let`s take the removal of dirt and darker areas along the grout lines in the bathroom – only the fibers of a small grooming brush can penetrate within the grout lines to remove the dirt.

The most important cleaning tools for domestic cleaning1– A sanitizing and a deodorizing agent. They are very important to provide two of the most important steps of any domestic cleansing activity – the deep clean and the scented finish. A professional sanitizer eliminates all the bacteria, germs and pollens from the surfaces, while the deodorizer eliminates respectively all odors. A combination of both is a recommended combination if you do it just once a year and/or if you have pets or small kids at home.

– A vacuum cleaner. Don’t forget to put the vacuum cleaner high in your tool kit, because it is the best and quickest way to get rid of all the loose particles on the floors like food crumbs, hair, grit, sand and dust. You can even change the nozzle with a brushed nozzle to clean a multitude of other objects like the couch, the chairs or even the library. Always pre-vacuum before deep cleaning of the textile floor coverings and another great tip is to change the vacuum cleaner bag.

– Something as a polishing compound. There are so many polishing waxes in the stores that to pick up the best one for a specific surface is often a challenge. Always read the labels and consider the recommendations of the experts. In all cases, there is nothing more visually pleasing than mirror-like polished wooden furnishings, leather upholsteries or electronic devices after wiping off dust. The best thing is that the polishing compounds can last for long and thus they will become some of the most important tools in your tool kit.