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Skitterblink: Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

Considering a new business venture can be less str copyessful with the correct decision-making information upfront. We at Skitterblink want you to take all the time you need for this serious matter, and we hope that you review this life changing opportunity thoroughly. We recommend that you consult our insightful management staff with regard to the cleaning franchise that will be afforded to you as a Skitterblink Franchisee.

The Cleaning Industry – Growth & Potential

Since the demand for professional, qualified cleaning services outstrips the supply, there is unlimited growth potential for anyone entering the cleaning industry, especially in the rising domestic cleaning sector of SA. Although there is a massive demand for efficient, dependable cleaning services, traditional and conventional cleaning companies experience the largest turnover, losing up to 50% of their cleaning contracts due to lack of quality service and non-performance. This large turnover offers a tremendous opportunity for growth in the cleaning franchise segment of the industry.

The reasons for strong growth in the franchising cleaning sector of South Africa:

  • The franchise market segment increased with /- 40% from 2009 to 2010 according to Standard Bank. The franchising concept is currently growing exponentially in SA.
  • The domestic sector for cleaning companies is booming since the implementation of the new labour legislation by government. More and more households are switching to cleaning companies. It is following the same trend as garden services 20-30 years ago.
  • The world economy is currently in a financial recession period, so is SA. It is a historic fact that franchising is booming during such times. The cleaning sector is a recession resistant sector, meaning it is not affected by the down turn. Skitterblink’s turnover grew with 50% since October 2008, when the world markets crashed.