The Costs

Our unique pick & choose business model allows you to start small and grow into your business as your budget allows, with services starting from R25,000 each.

By only offering the services you feel comfortable providing and can perform effectively, you can build a strong foundation for your business and avoid the costs associated with training and equipment for services you may not be ready to offer. This can help you keep your overhead costs low and maximize your profits as you grow.

As your business grows and you gain experience, you can gradually expand your service offerings to meet the changing needs of your customers. This allows you to stay competitive and continually offer value to your clients.

skitterblink franchise opportunity

Build Your Own Franchise Package:

The Skitterblink franchise package is a comprehensive package of resources and support provided by the franchisor to the franchisee. It is customised to each franchisee to include a range of items necessary for the franchisee to set up and operate their business effectively.

One key component of the Skitterblink franchise package is the intellectual property, which refers to the franchisor’s proprietary information and branding materials. This includes the business name, logos, marketing materials, and other proprietary information that helps the franchisee establish their business and differentiate it from competitors.

In addition to intellectual property, the franchise package may also include business setup costs. These can vary widely depending on the franchise and services chosen but can include things like initial training, legal fees, and the cost of any necessary equipment or supplies.

Chemicals and other specialised products can also be included in the Skitterblink franchise package. These are necessary for the franchisee to perform certain services or meet the franchisor’s business model requirements.

Training and practical assistance are also included in the franchise package. This includes initial training to help the franchisee get started. Ongoing support and coaching are given to help them grow their business and stay up-to-date on best practices and industry developments.

Overall, the Skitterblink franchise package is designed to provide the franchisee with everything they need to set up and operate their business successfully. By providing a comprehensive range of resources and support, the franchisor helps the franchisee get off to a strong start and achieve long-term success.

skitterblink franchise Domestic Cleaning for sale



skitterblink franchise Carpets, Upholstery & Mattresses Cleaning for sale

Carpet, upholstry

& mattresses

skitterblink franchise Builders Clean for sale



skitterblink franchise Windows & Solar Cleaning for sale

Window & Solar


skitterblink franchise Disinfection & Decontamination Services for sale

Disinfection &


skitterblink franchise Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning for sale

Trauma & Crime

Scene cleaning

skitterblink franchise Hoarders Cleaning for sale



skitterblink franchise Commercial & Industrial for sale

Commercial &


skitterblink franchise Hygiene Services for sale



skitterblink franchise Pest Control for sale



skitterblink franchise Emergency Cleaning Services for sale

Emergency &

Disaster Cleaning

skitterblink franchise Mobile Car Wash & Valet for sale

Mobile Car Wash

& Valet

What do you get for the investment?

The franchise package includes intellectual property, business setup costs, chemicals, equipment, theoretical training, and practical training. Here are some more features you get when buying a Skitterblink Franchise:

  • Assist with creating a marketing plan.
  • Assist with setting up your business step by step.
  • Support with everything to do with the legislation (Pty reg., UIF reg., Tax reg., Contracts etc.).
  • Implementing marketing and rolling it out locally.
  • Help to find new employees.
  • Lots of marketing materials.
  • Help with ALL labour-related issues.
  • Theoretical, practical, and on-site training.
  • System training for business and administration.
  • Operation manual with step-by-step instructions.
  • Start-up cleaning equipment and chemicals.
  • Coaching and mentoring for businesses once a month.
  • Uniforms made to order

Is Skitterblink The Right Franchise For You?

We have put together a information pack that you can go through to make sure that a Skitterblink Franchise is right for you.