Our Pick & Choose Business Model

If you’ve been checking out the Skitterblink brand, you will have noticed that we have 12 different cleaning & pest control services (all sold separately). Well, why do we have 12 services that we sell individually? So that you can build your business according to your budget, skill set and passion! Yes, you pick the services you want to start with and then upgrade to the other services as your business grows. We’ve been operating in the cleaning industry for over two decades, and we’ve discovered that the cleaning industry is massive and fast-changing. Above all, it’s in big demand in every part of South Africa. So yes, it is in demand right where you’re living right now.

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Start Your Own Franchise From R25,000

Our 12 Cleaning & Pest Control Services

Our years of experience have taught us that businesses that niche down their service offerings and focus on expert attention to detail will always attract potential customers like a magnet, making it the ultimate business model for a successfully run business. You can operate more than one service in your area, so there is no limit to your cleaning & pest control potential.

You can immediately tap into this business model today when you operate a vibrant customer-appealing Skitterblink Cleaning Services business. Below you will see the 12 different services to choose from.

Skitterblink franchise Domestic Cleaning



Skitterblink franchise Carpets, Upholstery & Mattresses

Carpet, upholstry

& mattresses

Skitterblink franchise Builders Clean



Skitterblink franchise Windows & Solar Cleaning

Window & Solar


Skitterblink franchise Disinfection & Decontamination Services

Disinfection &


Skitterblink franchise Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning

Trauma & Crime

Scene cleaning

Skitterblink franchise Hoarders Cleaning



Skitterblink franchise Commercial & Industrial

Commercial &


Skitterblink franchise Hygiene Services



Skitterblink franchise Pest Control



Skitterblink franchise Emergency Cleaning Services

Emergency &

Disaster Cleaning

Skitterblink franchise Mobile Car Wash & Valet

Mobile Car Wash

& Valet

Is Skitterblink The Right Franchise For You?

We have put together a information pack that you can go through to make sure that a Skitterblink Franchise is right for you.