trauma cleaning

Trauma Cleaning

Safety, Transportation, Decontamination

Please don’t further traumatize yourself and expose yourself or loved ones to possible communicable diseases.
Trauma Scene Clean up should be performed professionally by trained bio-hazard technicians who know how to properly remove all traces of the event and all associated blood borne pathogens, and bacteria.hygiene cleaning services
Transportation and incineration of the trauma scene bio-hazardous material is undertaken with our reputable qualified sub-contractors who can issue the required disposal certification.
Recognizing the need for this service, Skitterblink Trauma Cleaning Division will undertake such a task thus relieving you of this distressing and traumatic task. Once under contract and after the South African Police Services have completed their investigation the bio-hazard technicians of Skitterblink’sTrauma Cleaning division will guarantee to take care of this disheartening task.
Don’t take chances! Have that trauma scene clean-up performed by Skitterblink Trauma Cleaning Division who will handle the scene with understanding and compassion.

Trauma Cleaning Services

1. Homicide clean-up
2. Accident clean-up
3. Unattended death clean-up
4. Vehicle clean-up
5. Suicide clean-up.
6. Injuries in the home or work place
7. Decontamination of mortuaries
8. Industrial accidents
9. Potentially infectious material clean-up
10. Bio Hazardous waste removal and Decontamination
11. Hoarders Cleaning:
  • Animal hoarding
  • Information hoarding (books & magazines)
  • Hoarding of trash / garbage
  • Hoarding of Food
  • Recyclers & Collectors
hygiene cleaning services
hygiene cleaning services
hygiene cleaning services

Contact Us Now to Discuss Your Requirements

Answer: Due to the nature of our business all scenes are handled on an individual basis. There is and initial call out fee, disposal of contaminates fee, the hourly labour fee and travelling costs.

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Answer: We will give you a quotation. The call out fee is payable in advance and the balance within 24 hours of completion of the work.

Answer: We are trained and proficient in infectious waste handling and decontamination procedures that are effective against dangerous blood bornepathogens including but not limited to HIV-1, Hepatitis-B virus and MRSA. We are trained and equipped in removal and disposal of biohazards. We specialize in trauma and crime scene cleaning like suicides, decomposition, natural deaths etc.

Answer: Many people do not know that all the agencies listed above will not do anything but remove the injured or deceased from the place of incident. This in turn leaves the property owner responsible of cleaning up after they leave.

trauma cleaning