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The crime scene is chaotic, the aftermath of a traumatic event is daunting, and the emotional weight is heavy. But that’s where our professional trauma and crime scene cleaning services come in to restore peace and order to the affected area. Our skilled technicians are trained to handle the most challenging situations with care, compassion, and efficiency, ensuring that every trace of the incident is meticulously removed.

Cleaning The Unthinkable

Trust our experienced team to bring order back to chaos


With our professional trauma and crime scene cleaning services, you can trust our skilled technicians to restore order and safety to the affected area, allowing you to focus on healing and moving forward.

Thorough Sanitization – In addition to removing biohazardous materials and debris, our teams will also disinfect surfaces, flooring, and other areas that may have been contaminated, ensuring a clean and secure environment for all.

Expertly Trained Staff – Our trauma and crime scene cleaning staff undergo extensive training to address every aspect of the cleanup process with precision and care, delivering the high-quality service you need during challenging times.

Worry-Free Promise – If there is ever a time that you are unhappy with any area of our most recent service, just phone us, and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

skitterblink cleaning services

Don’t let the aftermath of a tragic event overwhelm you

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Doringkloof Trauma Cleaning

Suicide Clean Up

In the aftermath of a suicide, loved ones face immense emotional pain and distress. Our empathetic and professional team at Skitterblink Randburg is dedicated to easing your burden by meticulously cleaning and disinfecting the affected area. In addition, we ensure that all biohazardous materials are removed, allowing you to focus on grieving and healing.

Doringkloof Trauma Cleaning

Unattended Death Clean Up

The discovery of an unattended death can be a traumatic and heartbreaking experience. Skitterblink Randburg compassionate team is here to provide thorough cleaning and decontamination services. We handle the scene with the utmost care and sensitivity, ensuring the space is restored to a safe and habitable condition.

skitterblink industrial accident
Doringkloof Trauma Cleaning

Homicide Clean Up

A homicide scene can be overwhelming and emotionally devastating for all involved. Skitterblink Randburg's trained professionals are equipped to handle the complex and sensitive nature of these situations. We provide meticulous cleaning and biohazard removal, restoring the area with discretion and respect for your privacy.

Doringkloof Trauma Cleaning

Industrial Accident Clean Up

Industrial accidents can result in hazardous conditions and dangerous materials. Skitterblink Randburg's experienced team is prepared to manage these challenging situations, ensuring the affected area is thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. Our priority is to restore a safe working environment for all employees.

skitterblink biohazard cleaning
Doringkloof Trauma Cleaning

Biohazardous Waste Clean Up

The presence of biohazardous waste poses serious health risks and requires expert handling. Skitterblink Randburg's skilled professionals adhere to strict safety protocols, ensuring the proper removal and disposal of hazardous materials. Trust our team to thoroughly clean and sanitise affected areas, safeguarding your health and well-being.

Doringkloof Trauma Cleaning

Odour and Air-borne Pathogens Clean Up

Persistent odours and air-borne pathogens can impact both your physical health and emotional well-being. Skitterblink Randburg's specialised team is equipped to identify and eliminate the source of these issues, providing comprehensive cleaning and decontamination services. We are committed to restoring a safe and comfortable environment for you and your family.

skitterblink odour clean up
Doringkloof Trauma Cleaning

Deceased Property Clean Up

The task of cleaning a deceased loved one's property can be emotionally draining and overwhelming. Skitterblink Randburg's compassionate team is here to support you through this challenging process. We handle each case with care and discretion, thoroughly cleaning and sanitising the property to prepare it for the next chapter.

Doringkloof Trauma Cleaning

Vehicle Decontamination

Vehicles involved in accidents or traumatic events may contain hazardous materials and pose health risks. Skitterblink Randburg's professional team is trained to handle vehicle decontamination, thoroughly removing biohazards and restoring your vehicle to a safe and clean condition. Trust us to handle this delicate process with care and expertise.

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Once again very professional service rendered by Hanno. On this occasion it was three units in our Complex.
I was impressed to see that Hanno came prepared for load-shedding ; brought his own generator along.
Unreserved 5 star rating.

-Robert Duncan



Prompt response to my call, accommodating with same day service & coming in @ 4.30pm on a Friday afternoon. Thank you Hanno.

-Fatima Randeree



Their service was prompt and as expected. They respond quickly to messages and questions. The ant problem were addressed as requested. Friendly staff and excellent service.

-Rhona Badenhorst



Hanno provided prompt and friendly service to get rid of a variety of bugs that had taken up residence at a house that had been vacant for a while. Thanks for the great service and efficient communication, and for going the extra mile to accommodate me in terms of scheduling suitable times!

-Yvette van Zyl

Our Worry-Free Promise

You can relax knowing your home and business are in good hands when you entrust it to the Skitterblink cleaning team. You will have peace of mind knowing that friendly, reliable professionals will provide you with consistently perfect results. You can find the relief you need with Skitterblink’s cleaning services.

We’re eager to go above and beyond to make sure your house and business always feel like a sanctuary, as proven by our Worry-Free Promise. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our most recent visit, please let us know and we will make it right.

skitterblink cleaning services