10 Moving Tips

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Moving can be quite an ordeal and be overwhelming. Whether you have moved 10 times already or this is your first big move our 10 moving tips will help you approach you upcoming move with an open mind:

  1. Organize, Organize & Organize

The better you organize the easier your move will be. Organize your move by planning out which rooms should be packed by when.  A packing schedule can help save you time and effort while giving you piece of mind that you will not forget anything.  

  1. Have a Strategy

You will most definitely need a moving strategy. The strategy should include crucial details like which transportation methods are we going to use, should we call moving companies (Examples include: Biddulphs, Pickfords, Stuttaford van Lines, etc.) for quotes or are we using a friends’ truck, date and time of move, will we be moving everything at once or would we like to move over a span of a few days?


3. Declutter 

Moving is the perfect opportunity to throw out all items you no longer use. We all have stuff that’s only purpose is to clutter up our space. If you don’t use it any more, why not donate or sell online? You can donate to a place with a great cause such as Hospice. You are the boss of clutter, not the other way around!   


4. Label Everything! 

Labelling everything might seem like a lot of work and unnecessary at the time of packing but trust us, you will thank yourself when you start unpacking. We recommend a spreadsheet containing the following information: box number (also indicated on all sides of the box), box content (be descriptive) and box destination (for example kitchen, bathroom or bedroom). This spreadsheet will help you easily locate your belongings once you start unpacking.


5. Pack a Moving Day Kit

 A moving day kit is a box or container containing moving day essentials. These essentials will differ from household to household but might include cleaning supplies, toilet paper, overnight clothes and toiletry supplies, garbage bags etc.


6. Protect your Valuables 

Make sure you find a safe place to store your valuables on moving day. If you have any valuables or breakables that you are afraid will get lost or be damaged you can always transport these items in your own vehicle instead of sending it with the moving company.


7. Pack Ahead  

Avoid leaving anything until last minute. If you pack little by little over the time period before your moving day you will save yourself a lot of stress. You can start by packing the stuff you don’t use as often first and then as time progresses you can start packing the more frequently used stuff.


8. Defrost your Fridge 

You should defrost your fridge and freezer at least a day before moving day to avoid having fridge water everywhere. If you defrost at least a day before the move you will also be able to clean your fridge properly which will result in a clean, fresh fridge once you are in your new home.


9. Delegation 

On moving day, you should have a person that takes charge in terms of delegation of tasks and furniture and box destination. This way no-one will be sitting around without anything to do.


10. Hire a Cleaning Company 

With all the stress associated with moving you should not have to clean as well. Hire a cleaning company to take the cleaning burden of your shoulders.

Whether it is the cleaning of your old house, new house or both you should get professional help to ensure a sparkling home. Contact us today for a quote. Although moving can seem like an overwhelming task it can be well managed and executed. We wish you the best of luck in your moving expedition and we do believe happiness doesn’t have just one address.

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