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Cleaning Services Frequently Asked Questions

Can I feel secured that my key will not be in the hands of every employee?

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Can I trust the employees you send out to my home?

Due to the fact that we enter the private and personal environment of our clients, we give security a high priority. We screen our employees as best as possible. We do reference checks, have copies of their ID’s and do not allow private bags to enter the client’s premises. We confronted with theft cases we have a detail procedure in place. We will even perform polygraph tests on all our employees when necessary.

Do you clean windows?

If you are a Deluxe Service client we will rotate the focus area in your home on a weekly basis. When a room is part of the focus area of the week, we will also clean the windows. Our teams will clean the sliding glass doors and entrance doors on a regular basis.

Do you provide laundry or ironing?

We do provide ironing as part of our services. We will also supply the irons. Concerning the laundry, we are not in the home long enough to properly wash and dry the laundry, therefore we only do ironing.

Do you provide your own cleaning supplies?

Yes, we bring everything. Each team arrives to your home with an iron and an industrial vacuum cleaner. In addition, each team brings their own cleaning chemicals. This way each employee can efficiently clean your home without having to wait for her fellow worker to complete their cleaning

What happens if I can

Can I give you a key? Many of our clients are working people that just don’t have enough time in the day to do everything. They also appreciate coming home to a clean house and enjoy not being there while our employees are cleaning. These clients work out different arrangements based upon their individual situations. Most supply us with a key to their home. This key is numbered and kept in a save place. There is nothing on the key that would let someone else know who’s key it is. Others give us a code to enter through the garage and a small percentage leaves a key at the security entrances.

How is payment for services rendered?

If you are a contract client, services are paid for monthly in advance. We accept cash or electronic payments.

If I have pet(s), do I need to secure them while your team is cleaning?

If you will not be home while we clean, we do ask that you introduce your pet(s) to our employees on the first visit. Many of our clients also show our teams where the animal treats are. This way, when the team arrives at the home they give the pet(s) a treat and go about their business. However, it is the clients’ responsibility to secure the pets if they are dangerous.

How many employees do you send to my home?

Usually we send out a team of four, one supervisor and three cleaning ladies. However, there are times when due to unforeseen circumstances we send a team of three.

Do you always send the same team?

Since we send out a team of four, we are usually able to send at least three persons that are familiar with the client’s home. In rare occasions we will send out another team to help out if there is an unforeseen problem with your regular team