10 Tips To Make Your Cleaner An Expert

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We all want our cleaners to be experts, don’t we? We want them to be skillful and knowledgeable in the areas associated with cleaning. We want them to come to us with solutions instead of problems and we dream of clean spaces without hassles. How is this obtainable? Read our article on how to make your cleaner an expert.


Tip #1 – Basics 101

 When starting to train a new cleaner it is critical to remember to start as basic as possible. As time progresses the cleaner will be more enabled to do more difficult tasks but in the beginning be patient knowing you are teaching him/ her to do quality work.


Tip #2 – Tool Smart

Make sure to keep various cleaning tools for their different cleaning purposes in the house. Once your cleaner is well trained in every tools’ job you will find he/ she cleans more efficiently.


Tip #3 – Follow a Plan

Give your cleaner a plan to follow once he/ she walks into your home. The plan should show a logical order of cleaning duties. For example, working a room from top to bottom is productive since dust falls down during the cleaning process.


Tip #4 – Organise, organise, organise

I can’t stress enough how much keeping your cleaning supplies organized can help in the cleaning process. If your cleaning supplies are well stocked and organized your cleaner will never have to struggle to find these products which will improve efficiency.


Tip #5 – Clean, clean, cleaning products

 Teach your cleaner which cleaning products to use on which surfaces and how much of each cleaning product is appropriate. If you like you can always premix your cleaning supplies for each surface in a spray bottle to help your cleaner with application and therefore cleaning.


Tip #6– Show and Tell

The quickest way to make your cleaner an expert is to show her how to do everything. Take a day and show him/ her how you expect him/ her to do every task. This way there is no communication gap and he/ she knows exactly what is expected from him/ her.


Tip #7 – Create a Cleaning Path

Develop a cleaning path for your cleaner. This should be the path you want her to follow when cleaning your house. Make sure she understands the path, where to start, where to finish and everything in between.


Tip #8 – Least Favourite Tasks First

Encourage your cleaner to complete his/ her least favourite tasks first upon entering a room. This will help him/ her feel motivated and accomplished.


Tip #9 – Teach don’t Preach

If you find your cleaner is completing a task incorrectly don’t start yelling since it won’t help him/ her understand better. Ask him/ her how they would normally do the task, pay attention to the things you feel they need to change and then show them how you feel it should be done. After your demonstration ask him/ her to demonstrate to you the correct way of doing the task. This way you empower them instead of leaving them feeling hopeless.


Tip #10 – Praise

Give praise where praise is needed. When you praise your cleaner for a job well done he/ she feels a sense of pride in their work resulting in even better performance tomorrow.

If you apply these tips by teaching these principals to your cleaner we can’t guarantee she will be an expert cleaner but we can be sure her skill and knowledge regarding cleaning will improve.

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