5 Guidelines For Choosing A Domestic Cleaning Company

Domestic Cleaning Company

Here are a few guidelines to assist you in your decision making regarding the choice of a Cleaning Company in your household. This will assist you to compare Apples with Apples when you choose a cleaning service provider.


5 Guidelines for choosing a Domestic Cleaning Company
1. Security

‌  Key procedure – ask how they handle your keys, alarm codes and storage of it.

‌  Theft procedure – what is there procedure in case of theft? Be careful when the answer is: “We do not have theft.”

‌  Neighbourhood watch – are they part of the local neighbourhood watch (if applicable)

2. Legislation

‌  Contract cleaning – do they know that they are part of the contract cleaning sector and not the domestic cleaning sector? (Total new ball game!)

‌  Wages – do they pay their cleaners at least the minimum wages – approximately R22 /hour?

‌  Registrations – UIF, PAYE, Workers Compensation

3. Supervision

‌  Onsite supervision – is there full time supervision or do they leave the staff unattended?

‌  Hands-On – it is important for the supervisor to be hands-on, supervising only, does not work!

‌  Support system – what are the backup plans when the supervisor is absent?

4. Personnel

‌  Training – how do they train? Theoretical, practical and/or on-the-job?

‌  Uniforms – do they have uniforms with the business name on it and personal name tags? (security reasons)

‌  Contracts – do all the workers have contracts that adhere to the contract cleaning sector regulations?

5. Administration

‌  Debtors’ recovery – what is there debtor recovery procedure? (sound financial management)

‌  Weekly feedback – do they have a regular feedback system in place – easy to use?

‌  Paper trail – are all paperwork like receipts, invoices and client agreements in place?

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