5 Hidden Cost Factors to Consider in Domestic Cleaning

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To assist you in hiring someone, here is a list of possible hidden cost factors to consider in your decision making process.


5 Hidden Cost Factors to Consider in Domestic Cleaning
1. Breakages

‌  That what you know of.

‌  That what you do not know of.

‌  Insurance premiums.

‌  Replacing a unit that is part of a set.

2. Theft

‌  Security risks of having a stranger alone in your house for extended periods of time.

‌  Process to prove guiltiness.

‌  Taking leave for disciplinary procedures.

‌  Cost of polygraph tests.

‌  Exposure until dismissal.

‌  Irreplaceable items like antiques.

3. Chemicals

‌  Incorrect usage – damaging furniture, tiles & taps.

‌  Over usage – not following instructions

‌  Lack of knowledge – spending a lot of time because the wrong chemicals are used.

‌  Mixing non-compatible solvents.

4. Equipment

‌  None or incorrect maintenance.

‌  Not stopping when there is a minor fault causing it to be totally damaged.

‌  Not using or handling it correctly. Replacing clothes that are damaged with irons.

‌  Cost price of items like irons and vacuum cleaners.

5. Staff Costs

‌  UIF, PAYE, Workers Compensation etc.

‌  Interviews, Appointments, Contracts

‌  Leave, sick leave, family responsibility leave.

‌  Uniforms, food, travelling costs.

‌  Disciplinary processes – CCMA.

‌  Cost of temporally replacement staff.

‌  Training costs.

The next time you want to appoint domestic help, make sure to calculate all the hidden costs involved.

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