Deluxe Home Cleaning Service

Deluxe Home Cleaning Service

Check Cleaning Service Description
Budget Cleaning Service The Budget Service is provided according to the personal requirements and budget guidelines of the client.
  Standard Cleaning Service The Standard Service includes the 15 steps for cleaning a house. See details on Standard Service page.
 X Deluxe Cleaning Service The Deluxe Home Cleaning Service includes the Standard Service plus additional 10 steps in the focus areas. See details below.
Business Cleaning Service The Business Service includes 20 steps for cleaning offices. See details on Business Service page.

15 Steps for Standard cleaning per visit

1. Pick up and straighten / Tidy up X 9. Wash dishes / unpack dishwasher X
2. Make beds / change linens X 10. Clean kitchen sinks and counters X
3. Dust and polish furniture and vacuum upholstered furniture X 11. Wipe cabinet doors and outside of appliances X
4. Sweep hard surfaces floors X 12. Ironing. Amount: 20 Items X
5. Wash floors tiles and vacuum carpets X 13. ** Attend to Feedback form X
6. Clean entrance and patio door windows X 14. Spray air freshener & Check up X
7. Clean patio / entertainment area (braai’s) X 15. Attend to administration X
8. Clean & disinfect toilets, baths, basins and showers X


This service requires 15-30 minutes extra from the Standard Service, depending on the size of the house. The Deluxe service includes the 15 steps of the Standard service. With the Deluxe service Skitterblink has divided the house into six different focus areas, where applicable. During the course of six weeks these areas will be rotated on a weekly basis. The focus areas will be:

  1. Kitchen & Scullery
  2. 2nd & 3rd Bedrooms
  3. Main Bedroom and en-suite Bathroom
  4. 4th Bedroom, Study & TV Room
  5. 2nd & 3rd Bathrooms & Guest Toilet
  6. Living areas – Lounge, Dining room and Patios

When a room forms part of the focus area, the following additional tasks will be carried out if it is applicable to that specific focus area:

1. Clean marks on walls X 6. Clean light swithes & fittings X
2. Clean top of cupboards X 7. Dust wall hangings X
3. Clean wall tiles X 8. Rotate mattresses X
4. Dust skirtings, door frames & cornices X 9. Clean oven / stove

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**Weekly Feedback Forms : Attend first to customer requests

With each Deluxe Home Cleaning Service visit the Skitterblink team will leave a Feedback form. If you have any specific requests, write it on the Feedback form and Skitterblink will first attend to it. The remaining duration of your timeslot will be spent on the tasks of the service that you choose.

Skitterblink will provide all cleaning equipment and chemicals. If you prefer a specific chemical or polish you are welcome to supply that to your Skitterblink Supervis