Bonus Step – 5 Money Saver Tips

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Having a professional cleaning system in your house, by using either a domestic cleaning company or by developing it yourself with the assistance of our previous 5 steps, will cause and bring about your household to save money in the following ways:

Money Save Tip 1: You can reduce labour cost for cleaning one in two ways

Reducing the amount of days – by implementing the cleaning system that we introduced to you can reduce the days from 5 days per week to 3 days per week.

Reducing hours per day – if you are currently paying for 8 hours per day, you can reduce it to a minimum of 6 hours per day.

Money Save Tip 2:

Buy your chemicals from a cleaning company and not from a retail store. The chemicals will be more cost-effective as well as tailor-made for specific cleaning applications. You can order a monthly cleaning kit from a cleaning company. By doing this you will refill your chemical dispensers monthly which will also reduce the cost and is more environmentally friendly.

Money Save Tip 3:

Maintenance on your equipment like vacuum cleaners and irons, can extend the life expectancy of you equipment tremendously. Make sure to clean and replace your vacuum cleaner’s filters regularly and use clean water in your iron.

Money Save Tip 4:

Ensure that you use a thorough selection and recruitment process when you appoint a Domestic Assistant. On average, interview about 20 candidates, create a shortlist of 5 for practical testing and training, and then choose your final candidate.

Money Save Tip 5:

Initial training of your Domestic Help is of utmost importance. Make sure you include theoretical trainingpractical training and then on-the-job training. This is especially important if you follow the cleaning system that we introduced to you over the last few weeks.

Thank you for your precious time over the last few weeks. We trust you and your household benefitted immensely and that your house will be operating on a new hygienic level from now on. Remember Skitterblink is just a phone call away – you can contact our franchisees directly from our website.

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