Cleaning Tips: How to Properly Clean a Bathroom

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If we had to be honest, I am sure most people would agree that cleaning a bathroom is not fun and games. The biggest obstacle most people face is not knowing how to, how frequently, which products to use where, etc. This is why we decided to write this article to help you clean your bathroom properly. Here are our professional cleaning tips to make cleaning your bathroom a little bit easier.


Toilet Cleaning Tip:

These following steps are the simple how to’s on cleaning a toilet.

  1. Apply toilet cleaner to the toilet bowl and let it soak.
  2. Spray the exterior of the toilet with a disinfectant while the toilet cleaner soaks.
  3. Next, use a sponge on the exterior of the toilet. Make sure you don’t miss any spots.
  4. Once the exterior is clean you can start cleaning the toilet bowl with a toilet brush. That should do it.

Toilet cleaning supplies that might come in handy are:

–       Toilet Cleaner

–       Disinfectant

–       Sponge

–       Toilet Brush

–       Paper Towels


Mirror Cleaning Tip:

A dirty mirror can make a clean bathroom look dirty which is why we suggest you use the following tips to make your mirror-bright and shiny.

  1. Spray the mirror with a cleaning solution or glass cleaner.
  2. Use a microfiber cloth or crumpled up newspaper to create a streak-free shine. Wipe the cloth or newspaper in an S-pattern from edge to edge, top to bottom.
  3. If the mirror looks clean, move around the room for a different vantage point to examine your work. There you have it, clean mirrors

How to make a DIY mirror cleaning solution:

You will need

–       ½ Cup Water

–       ½ Cup White Vinegar

–       1 Tablespoon Corn Starch

Mix these ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well.

Skitterblink Tip – Don’t use a circular motion when cleaning a mirror, this results in clearly visible streaks.


Glass Shower Door Cleaning Tip:

Dirty shower doors have the same effect on an otherwise clean bathroom as a mirror, it makes the bathroom look filthy. Here is how we suggest you clean your shower doors:

  1. Make sure the shower glass is wet, either by spraying or splashing it with water.
  2. Spray the glass with white vinegar and let it stand for 10 minutes.
  3. Grab a sponge and dip it in baking soda. Start scrubbing the glass.
  4. Once the glass looks clean you can rinse it off with water.
  5. Finish off by drying the glass with a microfiber cloth.

Shower cleaning supplies you might need:

–       Spray Bottle

–       White Vinegar

–       Sponge

–       Baking Soda

–       Microfiber Cloth

Skitterblink Tip – The easiest way to clean your shower is to keep it clean on a daily basis which is why we recommend you keep a squeegee in your shower. If you use the squeegee to wipe down the shower after each shower you can prevent water from drying on the glass and therefore leaving watermarks.


Bathtub Cleaning Tips:

We all know the longer you ignore a dirty tub the more difficult it becomes to clean. Follow these steps to ensure your next relaxing bath is in a clean bathtub.

  1. Fill a bucket with hot water and pour it all over the tub.
  2. Grab baking soda and sprinkle it on the tub surface.
  3. Fill your bucket with hot water again and add a tablespoon of dish soap.
  4. Dip a sponge into the bucket and start scrubbing the bathtub surface.
  5. Once you are satisfied that the bathtub is clean you can rinse the tub with fresh water.
  6. Finish the process by polishing the faucet, drain, and handles with a dry cloth.

Bathtub cleaning supplies you might need:

–       Bucket

–       Dish Soap

–       Sponge

–       Baking Soda

–       Cloth

Skitterblink Tip – If you find your tub is draining slowly you can pour four tablespoons of baking soda followed by two cups of vinegar into the drain. Once the bubbling stops, flush the drain with boiling water.

There you have it, Skitterblink’s tips on cleaning a bathroom. If you find you need our professional help feel free to contact us or get an instant quote today.

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