Suicide Clean-up

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During this time of crisis, it is not only the physical environment where the tragedy took place that needs to be taken care of. It is important that the people connected to the victims of the occurrences also receive the necessary care. For this reason we have put together some resources for victim empowerment, as well as a database of trauma counselors.
Suicide Clean-up
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Suicide Clean-up

There is never a simple way to handle a suicide, the aftermath or the clean-up of the scene where the suicide took place. If a loved one or a family member decided to end their life, Skitterblink is here for you. We understand all too well the tragedy of the loss of human life.

Cleaning of a suicides scene will be traumatic  for families, friends, and businesses. Skitterblink can help relieve the emotional pain and liability by cleaning and disposing the biohazardous waste from these types of scenes. We concentrate on the restoration and sanitation of any trauma scene, whether it is a homicide, suicide, unattended death, natural death, a decomposed body, or just blood or bodily fluids.

Skitterblink approaches every situation with respect and exhibits empathy for a victim’s family and loved ones. Our technicians are trained to handle sensitive matters with integrity. We also provide contact information for helpful support organizations and trauma counselors.

The area of contamination needs to be cleaned, disinfected and sanitized of all bio-hazards, to ensure no further harm comes from this traumatic event. A contaminated area can lead to a life-threatening infection or illness to the current and future occupants of the property.
It might look clean, however, some viruses can activate once exposed to bound conditions like heat or water and will place the occupants of the property in danger of infection – even years later.

Our sanitation method can eliminate any and every one of the potentially harmful pathogens that may have been spilled due to the trauma. Our aim is to restore the affected area to be safe for human inhabitation.

When a home or business has been  the scene of a suicide and if blood and bodily fluids have been spilled, it should be cleaned as quickly as possible. This process ought to be performed by professionals trained in crime and trauma scene improvement so as to safeguard current and future occupants of the property. Failure to properly and safely take away all bio-hazard material will cause serious health problems for residents, employees, and customers.

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