Deceased property clean-up

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During this time of crisis, it is not only the physical environment where the tragedy took place that needs to be taken care of. It is important that the people connected to the victims of the occurrences also receive the necessary care. For this reason we have put together some resources for victim empowerment, as well as a database of trauma counselors.

Minor Domestic Accident Clean-up

Fire & Smoke Restoration

In the event that your home was damaged by a fire you will need to restore your home from Fire, Smoke, Water and Odour damage. There may be sections of the structure and contents that were not directly damaged by fire, but they will be affected by a fine residue of carbon deposits better known as soot.

When soot mixed with the humidity caused by the water used to put out the flames, the result is an acidic residue which will continue to damage your furniture and electronics if it not cleaned up. The longer the soot and the toxic smoke odour is left in your home the more difficult it will be to get it out.

Flood & Water Restoration

Water damage is more common than what most people think. While some water damaged may be caused by heavy rains, the most common water damage is caused by leaking washing machines and dishwashers, as well as burst geysers and pipes.

If you have had water damage you need to take action immediately. Mould growth takes place rapidly ( in a little as hours and not not days or weeks.) You will save yourself a lot of long term headaches by getting professional cleaning assistance rather sooner than later.

The most under estimated danger of water damage is the ability of mold to cause health problems and therefore its proper removal is critical. Mold can spread through a property rapidly and can produce irritants and allergens which can cause itchy and water eyes, runny nose, wheezing, and respiratory issues if not remediated quickly and properly. The Skitterblink team has been trained on how to get rid of mould effectively and quickly.

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