Do I Need Professional Cleaning Services When Moving?

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For many people, relocating can be a big opportunity to gain life as well as work experience. We have learned that being well prepared can help you adapt more quickly to life in your new home environment.

In our years of cleaning and of helping people relocate, we have learned what makes a successful relocation.

Here is a short checklist to prepare for your move.

1. De-Clutter

  • Start to de-clutter your house – it is a great feeling.
  • Gather three boxes and a large trash can. Label the boxes, “Put Away”, “Give Away/Sell” and “Storage.” Items to be thrown away belong in the trash can.
  • Go through your whole house using this method. Professional cleaning services can also assist you with this.

2. Reduce Food and Alcohol

  • Begin to reduce food and alcohol stocks and use up any frozen goods – especially if you are moving to far away cities or countries.

3. Book a Handyman

  • You may need a handyman to assist with any repairs before you vacate your home.

4. Book a Domestic Cleaning Service

  • Remember to book your domestic cleaning service well in advance. 5 to 7 working days before the move will normally be sufficient, but when your relocation date is on month-end, make sure to book as early as possible.
  • Double-check that the house that you are moving to, will be cleaned by a professional cleaning company too.

So, why do I need a professional cleaning company and can’t I do it myself? There are various reasons, but here are a few important ones.

1. Excessive Dirt

  • When you start moving furniture and cupboards you will find dirt that accumulated there for years. Some of the dirt will need special attention and cleaning chemicals.

2. Cleaning Accessories Packed Away

  • Remember, most often you started to pack your rooms one by one over the weeks. Your cleaning chemicals, brooms, mops, brushes and cloths will most probably be packed away deep into boxes with a label “Kitchen Stuff”.

3. Time Issue

  • When you are moving, a thousand things happen simultaneously. The last thing you want to think about is the cleaning of the house.
  • The only thing you need is the cleaning company’s contact person and phone number.

4. Deep Cleaning

  • When the house is empty you will need deep cleaning for aspects such as marks on walls, watermarks in showers, window cleaning, toilets, stove and oven cleaning.
  • All these items need specialised cleaning procedures and chemicals.

5. Cleaning at Height

  • Some cleaning surfaces will need ladders, for instance second storey windows, light fittings in the roof and the top shelves of cupboards.
  • Special health and safety measures must be implemented when you are working at heights of more than 1.8 meter.

Hopefully this will help you to prepare to relocate without any hassle. Choosing a domestic cleaning company is a matter of trust. Trust that the job will get done efficiently, Trust that procedures are in place to monitor and improve service, and Trust that your home environment will be safe while under the care of cleaning staff.

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