Hoarder Story #1


Lizbe Naude was contacted to clean a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom flat. Upon arrival, she realised the standard quotation for 3 hours to clean was not going to be enough. The first morning started with a flat owner refusing to leave or open the door for the Skitterblink team to enter. Once the owner could be convinced to leave the flat by some of his family members, the team could get started.

The team received quite a surprise when entering the flat. Inside they found that the owner hadn’t removed the rubbish in 5 years, numerous liquor bottles filled with urine were stacked in the kitchen and 52kg of clothes and linen, some of which was covered in faeces, were found. In the end, this job took 4 days to complete.

After an exhausting 4 days, the team was happy to report that they had the opportunity to build a relationship with the flat owner. The flat owner whom was an older gentleman went from an aggressive to a friendly person whom invited the team to share tea and hugs with him on the last day. Upon follow-up Lizbe was glad to hear that the flat owner now has a cleaner servicing his flat once a week.


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