Hoarder Story #2


This story starts with a woman contacting Lizbe Naude to clean a big house consisting of 3 bedrooms, 3 living areas and servants’ quarters among other areas. The woman explains that the house belonged to her brother who was murdered and right of the bat the woman admits to knowing her brother was a hoarder.

This time a little more prepared for the situation Lizbe could scope out the house before providing a quotation. Once inside she realised she would need to collaborate with a few other professionals to get the house clean. She was faced with challenges like truckloads of rubbish, nauseating smells, locked doors, broken windows, blocked toilets, 3 bee swarms, cupboards filled with pornography and a severely overgrown garden.


Two to three cleaning teams worked daily in work shifts of 7 hours to clean the house. With the help of professionals such as Kyalami, Phambile, the beekeepers, the garden services, a plumber, a locksmith, the estate agent, the new owner of the house, Skip delivery, the truck driver, Iaan (franchisor) and Compass Waste the housed could be cleaned within 4 weeks.

This is what we would like to call teamwork at its best.

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