Holiday And Safety Tips

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The holiday season is upon is which means sun, surf, family and friends but also includes planning, packing, driving and picking up after the children. We realise you have so many things to consider, plan and do that you don’t have time to think about the important things like what you should think about in terms of safety for your family and friends this holiday. We want you and your loved ones to be safe this festive season which is why we wrote a short article with our holiday and safety tips. Take 5 minutes to read the article and put your mind at ease knowing you know where to start in keeping your family and friends safe this holiday season.


Skitterblinks Holiday and Safety Tips:

Drive safe. This tip is probably overrated but is definitely still true. Keep your eyes on the road, stop when you feel tired, take turns to drive, don’t take reckless chances on the road, put your seatbelt on etc.

Keep an eye on the kids. When you are on holiday or surrounded by family and friends it is quite easy to let your children run wild since you think they will be safe with friends around, but this is not always true. You should make sure to clean up after a party as soon as possible and keep hazardous materials such as cleaning supplies stored away out of children’s reach.

Be aware of the fire. We all love time spent braaing and eating braaied meat and which better time to braai than during the holiday, but caution should be taken with fires. Things you can do to be safe are don’t get too close to open fires, keep children from playing near the fire, extinguish the fire after you finished braaing and don’t make a fire near a gas bottle.

Keep hydrated. During the summer holidays it can get very hot therefore it is important that you keep yourself and you children well hydrated to prevent dehydration. Make sure you take a bottle of water with you everywhere you go and try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Keep your head above water. If you plan to holiday at the beach or near a large body of water it is important to know how to swim. Make sure everyone of your loved ones that enter the water either know how to swim or is wearing a flotation device. Keep an eye on the people in the water and if you see someone in distress let the lifeguards or best swimmer in your group know immediately.

Say no to sunburn. Sunburn is a real risk in our country during the summer holiday which is why you should take some preventative steps. Make sure everyone is sun screened up before leaving the house, take the sunscreen with you to apply again later in the day, wear hats and long clothes to shield your body from the sun, look out for the signs of heatstroke.

If you can keep these safety and holiday tips in mind, you and your family should have a fun holiday filled with the goodness of the South African summer and return in 2020 with happy memories, ready for the new year.

It is important to note that during this time our cleaning teams will take a well-deserved break therefore Skitterblink will be closing our doors on contract cleaning from 20 December 2019 until 5 January 2020, but we will be open for Once-off cleans. All contract cleaning appointments will resume on 6 January 2020. All contract and once-off clients are welcome to make use of our once-off cleaning services during the holidays.

We realise the stress associated with the festive season can be overwhelming. Domestic workers will take leave, building comes to a standstill and on top of all else the house is filled with family members and friends. Why not let us help you navigate this time by offering our once-off cleaning services? Skitterblink values family time and therefore we want to help you by offering our services. Sit back and enjoy your holiday with your family and friends while we take care of the cleaning.

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Thank you for a wonderful journey through 2019. We appreciate your support and we wish you a holiday filled with joy and peace! Be safe we will see you in 2020.

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