How To Clean Before, During And After A Party.

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The festive season is almost upon us which means that it is the season to party. No one can deny the absolute joy that comes with spending time with family and friends during the holidays. Whether it is a dinner party, family gathering, Christmas party, colleague get together, closing party or friends braaing, we all know the headache that is associated with cleaning before, during and after the party. We don’t want the cleaning to be a headache for you which is why we decided to share some of our pre, during and post party cleaning tips with you.

Pre Party Cleaning:

 We all want our homes to sparkle and shine when our guests arrive, but it is just not always possible to spend hours on cleaning before they do. Here are a few quick and easy tips to help your home sparkle in no time:

Tip 1: Divide and conquer.

If you divide the cleaning tasks into manageable chunks over a period of a week, you can save yourself time and effort. Doing one area a day will get the job done in the end without robbing you of too much time on the day of the party.

Tip 2: Pretend you are a guest.

We often overlook the clutter in and around our house due to the fact that we see the clutter every day. Make an effort to go outside and put yourself in the mind of a guest and take note of everything you notice that seems cluttered or unclean.

Tip 3: Thoroughly clean the bathroom.

Nobody likes to use a dirty bathroom therefore it is important to make a good job of the bathroom cleaning. If you think about it the bathroom is the only room in the house your guest will spend time alone in and thus have time to really acknowledge the cleanliness.

During Party Cleaning:


Tip 4: Set yourself up for cleaning success.

Create a space for guests to place their dirty plates and glasses by setting up an empty tray on a table or near the sink. Place a dustbin at a discrete distance but noticeable to the guests. Choose food that are less-mess, for example choose bite-sized, grab as you go foods instead of create your own station food.

Tip 5: Contain the party.

Decide where you want the guests to spend time and contain them to that area. You can keep the party from spreading by closing doors to areas you don’t want your guests to go. Keeping a party contained is intended to help you with cleaning since you will know where to focus your cleaning efforts and won’t need to hunt through the whole house for dirty dishes or trash.

Tip 6: Don’t become the clean freak during the party.

Cleaning while your guests are still there makes them uncomfortable and ruins the fun atmosphere. You should have fun and leave the cleaning up for after your guests left.

Post Party Cleaning:

Tip 7: Clean Immediately

You might not feel like cleaning immediately after the party and rather long to just relax but I can guarantee you will not be in the mood to clean later or even tomorrow either. So why not tackle the bull by the horns and get the cleaning over with.

Tip 8: Gather the troops

No need to do all the cleaning alone. Let’s be honest you were not the only one who enjoyed the party. Gather your family for an easy, fast and efficient cleaning session. Assign a task to each family member and watch the cleaning get done quick and easy.

We hope these tips were helpful and we wish you many laughter filled parties in this festive season. Remember you can always contact us for our cleaning services, especially if you need help with the pre party cleaning.

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