How We Maintain A Theft Rate Of Less Than 0.5% In 3 Years

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Your profits could literally be walking out the door right now!

Billions are lost each year in all companies and industries due to theft, thriving businesses can be crippled by theft amongst staff, visitors and contractors at your office. The cleaning industry is often challenged with this issue.

Poorly paid and screened cleaning staff go into your home or office and cause havoc, from small items, laptops, tablets, phones to materials or even food, disappears in the wink of an eye and no one is the wiser.

Sadly, the cleaner is the first person everyone blames and is often not the one with sticky fingers. Many thieves use these opportunities to set up a cleaner as they know they won’t be blamed.

Can Skitterblink be the solution?

Over the last 2 decades we have decided to be part of the solution rather than let our employees be part of the problem.

Skitterblink franchises and theft reports over the first quarter of 2018:

skitterblink cleaning service

 This graph tells the full story!

  • 1686 Clients were serviced in Jan-Mar 2018 by 15 Franchisees
  • We were twice accused of stealing – in both cases the items were found in the house / office
  • Only one client was prepared to complete the Theft Report
  • Not one Polygraph Test had to be performed on our personnel.
  • Guilty of Theft – ZERO

Theft incidents have been virtually non-existent over the last few years, all our franchises have reported less than 0.5% of theft over the last 3 years in their franchises and our outstanding track record will remain, due to eliminating the biggest causes of employee theft:

  • Poor Salaries

Our employees get paid above domestic wages. They are less likely to steal as they have something far more important to lose, a consistent well-paying job.

  • Bad Screening

We screen our employees intensely, in some cases criminal and security checks are conducted on employees, references checked and confirmed with previous employers.

  • Lacking in Training

During training all employees are informed of the consequences of theft which we will prosecute to the full extent.  We have to protect your property as they have to protect our brand. We strive to protect our brand as one you can trust.

  • Empower

Employees are encouraged to be our eyes and ears and to report any theft they encounter as well, either from a fellow employee or other people in and around your home or your office, other criminals have been caught and prosecuted.

At Skitterblink we ensure your facility is clean, not cleaned out.


Skitterblink can therefore save you time and effort while ensuring the cleaning services are up to your specific standards. Skitterblink aims to give you more quality time for yourself and your loved ones, by providing you with quality cleaning service

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