Phase 2, Step 3: 10 Clearly Defined Steps In Choosing A Cleaning Company

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Every client goes through a pre-purchase process. This process can happen in a few seconds or over months.

Maybe this can assist you. The process is as following:

10 Clearly Defined Steps in Choosing a Cleaning Company
1. Identify cleaning problem

‌ Do you have a security risk or theft?

‌ Is the house dirty or is the cleaning lady absent?

2. Collect cleaning information

‌ What is the need in the house?

‌ What is the real issue? Sometimes it is not cleaning.

3. Clarify cleaning problem

‌ Do you need Once-off (Adhoc) or Weekly?

‌ Do you need Spring clean, window wash etc?

4. Identify service solutions

‌ Will I do it myself, or get another cleaning lady?

‌ Get a cleaning company, or get a placement?

5. Develop purchase criteria

 Safe, insured, professional, references?

 Full-time supervisor, reliable, many years exp?

6. Commit to solve problem

‌ I must give it priority.

‌ I must attend to it this week.

7. First selection of providers

 List 2 or 3 cleaning companies.

‌ Place them in order of preference.

8. Contact cleaning providers

 Phone cleaning companies and get quotes.

‌  Get working procedures and detail info.

9. Compare cleaning providers

 Compare apples with apples.

 Be careful for cheap fly-by-nights!

10. Decide on best solution

‌  Pick the best solution provider for your household.

‌ Check references.

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