Skitterblink Launches 10 000 Dreamers Vision

Skitterblink Launches 10 000 Dreamers Vision

On the 10th of March 2015, Skitterblink Cleaning Services launched their vision – Empowering 10 000 Dreamers – the culmination of 18 years of work and the beginning of a new 8 year season to transform the cleaning sector in South Africa.

“Empowering 10 000 Dreamers” vision, was given to Iaan and Fransie van Niekerk, the owners and founders of Skitterblink Cleaning Services, by God in the late 1990’s. The vision was to feed and support 50 000 people by October 2022. This would result in employing and supporting 10 000 salary earners, but because of the size and scope of the vision, it was only in 2013 that they could really start to implement it.

Skitterblink has a culture of empowering people – by uplifting them through the 8 functional areas of the business. The best example of this empowering is Selina Mbatha – a former domestic worker for Iaan and Fransie. They paid for her education and facilitated her dream to open a day care centre for children. Today, Selina is the franchisee of Skitterblink Rosslyn, and the owner of Amazing Grace Day and Night Care Centre. She started her centre in a shack in 2007 and it grew to a school of 14 classrooms with 114 kids attending it every day.

An integral part of the success of Skitterblink is their relationship and acknowledgement of their suppliers and franchisees. At the launch event, every supplier and franchisee received a certificate of recognition to thank them for their continued support throughout Skitterblink’s history.

Skitterblink has a holistic approach to offering training to employees and franchisees, from business support to personal growth. Included in this approach are 8 functional areas of great importance to attaining the vision of empowering 10 000 Dreamers. Each of this areas was blessed by long time partners and friends of Skitterblink and Iaan dedicated the business to the Lord because they know that it is a Godly vision and can only be achieved by trusting in Him.

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Skitterblink – Empowering 10 000 Dreamers

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