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skitterblink Save The Environment

Saving the environment is a hot topic at the moment. Environmental awareness is everywhere and anybody who is anybody is trying to do their part in saving and preserving our planet. Many environmentally friendly campaigns have been piloted to combat the situation we are in today. These campaigns include but are not limited to:


–       Straws Suck (#StrawsSuck)

–       Ditch Disposable (#DitchDisposable)

–       Go 4 Green (#Go4Green)

–       Recycle Now (#RecycleNow)

These campaigns have certainly made a difference and are a worthy cause but can’t we do more as individuals. Saving the environment should start at home which is why we decided to write an article on how you can help save the environment from the comfort of your own home.

1. Green Cleaning Supplies

Going green with eco-friendly cleaning products is an opportunity to make a worthwhile contribution to the well being of our planet. All you need to do is change the cleaning products you currently use to eco-friendly products and you are well on your way to help save the planet. Otherwise, you can contact us  since we use eco-friendly cleaning products during our cleaning services , if requested.

2. Use Water Sparingly

The ugly truth is clean, fresh water is a limited resource and since we need water for survival we should really start paying attention to our water usage. Simple things can really help save on your water usage. In the short run, things like: turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, shorter showers, full loads in your washing machine and dishwasher instead of half loads, close a dripping tap, fix any leaks, etc can help a lot. Implementing these things are easy and cost-effective. In the long run you can start planning to use your grey water (bath/shower & washing machine water) again. There are cost effective systems to rehabilitate your grey water before using it again in your toilets, washing machines and garden.

3. Recycle

We know you probably sighed when you read recycle, but it is true recycling is very important in our save the environment mission. Recycling at home can be as easy or difficult as you decide to make it. We recommend you have recycling bins for glass, paper, aluminum and plastic. Other tips include buying recyclable products from the store and even buying products made from recyclable materials. If you don’t recycle yet, you can find many interesting recycling ideas on the internet which will help you to start thinking in this direction. You will not regret recycling, you will only regret not recycling.

4. Start a Compost Heap

Composting is not only good for your own garden but also good for the environment. Compost actually feeds your soil with nutrients and micro-organisms that will improve plant growth. Use your leftovers and biodegradable waste to feed the eco-systems instead of dumping it on the landfills. For example: egg shells are a good way to put back calcium into the garden.

5. Save Electricity

Saving electricity is important to conserve our planets’ natural resources. Possible short-term electricity saving ways include: switch off unnecessary lights, use blankets instead of heaters, energy-saving appliances, when drying clothes make use of the sun instead of the tumble dryer, keep the oven door closed during the cooking period, don’t open the refrigerator door unnecessarily, don’t fill the kettle with water if you only need to boil a small amount etc. Possible long term projects can include solar power – this investment is definitely worthwhile.

Saving the environment is very possible if we all decide to make small changes like those mentioned above to our lifestyle. You don’t have to change the whole world, just change your world by starting in your family and then your immediate community.

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