Skitterblink’s Domestic & Office Contract Cleaning Services

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Contract cleaning services are the best way to ensure your home or office is kept clean and tidy. Our contract cleaning services are professional, efficient and a great way to ensure you have a fresh and hygienic place to live or work in. We provide a wide range of commercial and domestic cleaning services to both businesses and individuals.

Skitterblink’s Domestic & Office Contract Cleaning Services offer the following benefits:


1. Time-saving – the one thing most people don’t have enough of is time, which is why it’s always handy to have someone else do the cleaning for you.

2. Less hassle – having a professional cleaning company take care of your cleaning means no more worrying about what should be done and when it should be done; everything is taken care of by us.

3. Professional results – when you use professional cleaners rather than trying to clean yourself you get better results because we know exactly how to clean various surfaces, materials and areas.

4. Flexibility – with a professional cleaning company you can arrange a regular cleaning schedule that suits both.

5. Better reputation – a professional cleaning company can help your home or office look clean and professional to visitors, customers, clients, friends, and family

6. No need to buy expensive equipment – you don’t need to purchase expensive equipment either because we come fully equipped with everything, we need including cleaning products, tools and machinery.

7. No need to hire labour – you don’t have to hire cleaning staff. We take all the responsibility of staff off your shoulders as our cleaners work for us, we handle everything from checking resources, hiring, HR, UIF, taxes and so much more so that you don’t have to.

8. No need for training – you don’t have to spend time or money on training staff members to clean your home and office. We train our cleaners on anything and everything they need to know for your convenience.


When it comes to having a clean home and office you have three options: do it yourself, hire a cleaner to do it for you or hire a professional cleaning company. One of the biggest advantages of hiring a professional cleaning company is the peace of mind it can give you. Cleaning the home or office yourself or hiring a cleaner places a lot of stress on you and can be time-consuming. Hiring Skitterblink will save you time and hassle, give you flexibility and professional results, improve your reputation and save you on the cost of expensive equipment, labour and training.

If you are looking for domestic or office contract cleaning services, then you have come to the right place. Skitterblink offers a full range of cleaning services for both domestic and commercial clients. Talk to us today about your cleaning needs.


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