What do we use for COVID-19 disinfection?

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You can’t turn anywhere these days without being confronted by COVID-19. This confrontation can be the virus itself, inner thoughts, conversations, news, media, etc. Everyone is talking and wondering about it. Skitterblink wants you to have ease of mind when it comes to our Corona Virus Disinfection Control Services , which is why we decided to share with you one of our flagship products we use for disinfecting potentially infected and infected areas.

The product we use is called Zoono Surface Disinfectant. This product was tested in the UK in February against the approved surrogate of the COVID-19 virus and achieved a kill rate of greater than 99.99%. The extraordinary thing about Zoono Surface Disinfectant is that it protects a surface for up to 30 days after being applied. Currently, this product is the only one of its kind worldwide. Zoono can also disinfect other pathogens such as Norovirus, MRSA, MERS, Salmonella, Legionella, and Listeria. Not only is this product effective, it is also child safe, pet safe, food-safe, and fast to apply. Zoono Surface Disinfectant is one of two products we trust to keep you, your coworkers, your family, and friends safe.

Skitterblink is not the only one who has discovered and utilized this amazing product. In the UK, all new homes constructed by InverTay Homes will be disinfectant against COVID-19 using Zoono Surface Disinfectant. They are the first to take this action, but we are sure they will not be the last. The idea behind this is to keep the construction crew safe while working, but also providing the new homeowner with a safe house that is certified. As the homeowner, you will have the opportunity to engage in a monthly service where your home is treated with Zoono Surface Disinfectant. Once the site is treated with the Zoono Surface Disinfectant an “in-date” certificate will be issued which will happen on a monthly basis. InverTay Homes plan to use this product on everything including offices, canteens, toilets, drying rooms, vehicles, etc. They believe that protecting your workforce against COVID-19 is as important as all other requirements under health and safety law.

We are excited about the application of this product and the innovation InverTay Homes has taken not only in protecting their clients but also their workers. Skitterblink chooses Zoono Surface Disinfectant as our Corona Virus disinfection product for a few reasons namely: effectiveness, the safety of our clients as well as the safety of our workers. Why not choose peace of mind today by contacting us for our Corona Virus Disinfection Control Services .

Original Article: https://www.showhouse.co.uk/news/scottish-housebuilder-becomes-first-to-certify-new-homes-covid-safe/


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