What Does Skitterblinks’ Commercial Cleaning & Hygiene Services Include

commercial cleaning service
If you find yourself in charge of finding a suitable match when it comes to office or building cleaning, you have come to the right place. There is no need for you to take on more stress than you are currently handling to find a cleaner for your office or building. Skitterblink offers a range of commercial cleaning services created with you in mind. These services range from having a Skitterblink team come to your office to clean on a regular basis to provide you with a domestic cleaner trained and vouched for by us.

Commercial Cleaning

We like to define our commercial cleaning services as Building, Office & Industrial Cleaning. We offer both contract services where services can be provided daily, weekly, monthly or as often as you require and ad-hoc services which are based on a call-out and quotation process. We supply labour, all related chemicals, all brushware and equipment, dispensers, consumables, flowers, hygiene services, carpet cleaning services, tea and kitchen services, attending to outdoor areas as well as any other specific property requirements requested by you.

What happens after you call us for an assessment?

We need to know your cleaning requirements which is why we start with an on-site meeting with you. During this meeting, we determine your requirements by:

1. Dividing the site into zones (Departments/ Buildings/ Blocks)
2. Dividing the zones into 4 types of areas
– Offices/ Rooms/ Passages
– Washrooms/ Toilet Facilities
– Kitchens
– Outdoor Areas (Pavements, Garages etc.)
3. Determine the relevant tasks per Area per Zone.
4. Determine the frequency of cleaning tasks required.
5. Determine the working shifts.

After gathering the information mentioned above we discuss and deliver a detailed proposal to you. When the quote is accepted we sign an agreement of 1-3 years.
We believe in the importance of ongoing training which is why our specialist service teams are trained and educated in the various cleaning methods required.

Commercial Placement Services

This service entails the selection and training of a cleaner from our side and then the placement after which the cleaner is evaluated. After which your satisfaction is assessed to ensure you receive a trained and professional cleaner who will clean your commercial property and be in service of your business.

Hygiene Services

We know the importance of quality hygiene services which are to encourage a germ-free and clean working environment, decrease absenteeism, give a positive impression to clients and staff as well as protecting products, staff and customer health. Skitterblink is a hygiene service provider which means we can provide you with dispensers (buy or rent), consumables (soap, toilet paper etc.), deep cleaning and removal of biohazardous waste.

We customize our hygiene service specific to your needs. We bring our cleaning staff expert to your offices and we also have an extensive range of consumables and dispensers including a White Range, Satin Range, Black Range, and Stainless Steel Range in:
– Air Freshener Dispensers for eliminating odours and keeping the air fresh and fragrant.
– Hand & Seat Sanitisers for protection from bacteria.
– Paper Towel Dispensers for hand drying using paper towels.
– Hand Dryers for hand drying using warm air.
– Toilet Hygiene Services which include toilet roll holders and sanitary bins.
 Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers which include automatic and manual soap dispensers that we can install, refill and maintain.

We can provide you with a 1-stop solution in hygiene services for businesses at affordable prices. By buying your dispenser instead of renting you can lower your company overheads significantly on a monthly basis. As mentioned above our hygiene services are included in the commercial cleaning services but you can also make use of our hygiene services on a stand-alone basis.

Help us, help you keep your commercial property clean and fresh without any problem.

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