When Should You Call For Crime Scene Cleaning Service?

Crime Scene Cleaning Service

Skitterblink believes – wherever there is a human in need there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference – which is why we offer crime scene cleaning services. To clean a crime scene is overwhelming to family and friends. Skitterblink cleans the unthinkable. Crime scene cleaning also referred to as trauma cleaning is a specialised cleaning field. We specialise in restoring crime scenes and contaminated property to as close as possible to the original state.

Our crime scene cleaning services include cleaning up after:


There is never a simple way to handle a suicide or the clean-up of the scene where the suicide took place. If a loved one or a family member decided to end their life, Skitterblink is here for you. We understand all too well the tragedy of the loss of human life.

Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents can cause trauma for employees and employers alike. The trauma associated industrial accidents will be aggravated by the emotional scarring of cleaning up after an accident involving a co-worker.  Common Industrial Accidents include: Slips and falls – Falling objects – Chemical burns/exposure – Fire and Smoke Damage – Flood and Water Damage – Odour Removal

Crime Scene Cleaning Service

Odour and Air-Borne Pathogens

Is there a foul odour in your home or office? Are you struggling to remove that disgusting smell but it’s still there? Regardless of the source – cigarette smoke, pets, pet urine, pet faeces, fishy smell, musty smelling furniture, excessive hoarding, body decomposition – whatever you are faced with Skitterblink has the equipment and processes to eliminate the smell.

Vehicle Decontamination

Very often vehicles are the scenes of suicides, homicides and other deaths. Vehicles may also be involved in pedestrian accidents or used to transport injured people to medical care facilities. Any of these occurrences will result in the vehicle being contaminated. Skitterblink can help decontaminate the vehicle to make it safe to use again.

Unattended Death

The death of a loved one can be traumatic, when the discovery of the body is prolonged and decomposition takes place and the clean-up of the scene is even more complex. Skitterblinks’ technicians are trained to handle sensitive matters with integrity and professionalism.

Biohazardous Waste

 Bio-hazards present a potential health and safety problem. The contaminated area will need to be cleaned by a team who has specialised training. The Skitterblink team has been properly trained to effectively clean biohazards as well as handle the generated biohazardous waste.

Deceased Property

Skitterblink understands the emotional trauma attached to packing up the belongings of a loved one that has passed away. We work discreetly with families, friends, and landlords who have been unable to complete this process. If left unattended these properties may deteriorate and eventually be rendered unsafe.

Minor Domestic Accidents

 Skitterblink can help you by restoring your property after fire and smoke damage or flood and water damage. Whether your home was damaged by fire, smoke, water or odours our professional teams can provide you with quick and effective cleaning assistance.

Skitterblinks’ trauma cleaning teams consists of professionally trained technicians, who specialise in cleaning restoration and aim to clean with respect, discretion and empathy on mind.

Trauma creates changes you don’t choose. Healing is about creating change that you do choose. Skitterblink has a heart for people in need as result of traumatic events and we want to see our clients experience healing in spite of the trauma they have undergone.

Skitterblink Crime Scene Cleaning – Cleaning the Unthinkable.

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Cleaning The Unthinkable

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