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The viruses are running rampant, the bacteria are contaminating your surfaces, the parasites are invading, and the fungi are growing everywhere. But fear not; Skitterblink Wierdapark professional disinfection and decontamination services are here to help. So say goodbye to the threat of infectious agents and welcome a healthy space.

Get rid of germs and pathogens quickly


With our professional solar and high window cleaning services, you can enjoy the benefits of spotless panels and sparkling windows. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning and hello to a home or business that shines.

Chemical-Free – Experience chemical-free brilliance with our Solar Panel and High Window Cleaning Service. We rely on eco-friendly methods to ensure a spotless shine without any harmful chemicals.

Professional Staff – Our dedicated staff for solar and high window cleaning services are extensively trained to handle the unique challenges of these tasks. With their expertise and attention to detail, they ensure that every solar panel and window is cleaned to perfection.

Worry-Free Promise – If there is ever a time that you are unhappy with any area of our most recent service, just phone us, and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

Skitterblink was contracted to disinfect the aircraft that brought back 122 South African citizens from Wuhan in 2020
If we were contracted to disinfect the high-risk “Wuhan plane”, you can hire us!


In an era where hygiene and health safety are paramount, Skitterblink Wierdapark’s disinfection and decontamination services are pivotal in creating and maintaining safe environments. Our services involve a comprehensive approach to eliminating and destroying harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi that reside on surfaces and objects. Serving as a robust shield against various infectious diseases, including the notorious COVID-19, Skitterblink Wierdapark dedicated services contribute significantly to public health improvement. For example, in healthcare settings, our services help reduce hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), while in commercial and residential environments, they ensure a clean, healthy living and working space.

At Skitterblink Wierdapark, we use various advanced technologies, focusing on fogging techniques. Fogging offers a unique advantage in disinfection, reaching even hard-to-access areas to ensure thorough decontamination. In addition, the fine fog can penetrate places that traditional cleaning methods might miss, effectively neutralizing harmful pathogens. Our professional teams are trained in these advanced techniques and follow strict safety measures to deliver services that are not just efficient but also safe. At Skitterblink Wierdapark, we understand that our work isn’t solely about cleanliness—providing peace of mind, promoting health, and ensuring safety. Whether it’s a hospital ward, an office space, or a home, choosing Skitterblink’s disinfection and decontamination services is a proactive step towards preserving a safe and healthy environment.

Our Infection Control Protocols are designed to disinfect and decontaminate areas such as:

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Transform your space with expert disinfection and decontamination!

client testimonials


Skitterblink did our office disinfection, very professional and helpful. Not a lot of companies out there that still cares like these guys in these trying times. Well done Skitterblink and thank you very much. Will recommend them any day.



– Chantell De Lange

client testimonials


There were so many little things that stood out about the Skitterblink team like the respectful communication amongst the team members, the professionally branded uniforms that they wore, being earlier than the said start times for each day, Fransie’s availability on her cellphone and clear communication, the moral discretion they used to sort and discard of my dad’s possessions and many more. The most important and valuable aspect however was the tremendous trust I had in the Skitterblink team.

-Leon Meyer

client testimonials


I was blown away by the service received the cleaning was of the highest quality, the ladies delivered where I needed them to retouch – they did so with an open heart – they were such a pleasure to deal with. I would definitely use their services again.



– Busi Ntshangase

Our Worry-Free Promise

You can relax knowing your home and business are in good hands when you entrust it to the Skitterblink cleaning team. You will have peace of mind knowing that friendly, reliable professionals will provide you with consistently perfect results. You can find the relief you need with Skitterblink’s cleaning services.

We’re eager to go above and beyond to make sure your house and business always feel like a sanctuary, as proven by our Worry-Free Promise. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our most recent visit, please let us know and we will make it right.

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