5 Aspects To Consider When Choosing A Domestic Cleaning Company

5 Benefits Of Using A Cleaning Company

Having a booming career, being a parent and having a social life is challenging enough when aiming for perfect life balance. Add the extra stress of needing to keep your home clean and it might all seem a little overwhelming.

An alternative of course is the appointment of a domestic cleaning company in your household, to assist with all of your cleaning needs.

Skitterblink is sharing 5 aspects a household should consider when choosing a domestic cleaning company:

  1. Security – Ask the cleaning company about procedures that are in place when they handle clients’ keys and alarm codes. Also what action does the company take in the case of theft? “We do not have theft” is not an answer.
  2. Legislation – Find out whether the company pays their cleaners at least minimum wage. Does the company have their documentation in place such as UIF, PAYE and insurance?
  3. Supervision – Ensure that the cleaning company’s policy makes provision for full time supervision. Alternative plans should exist in the event of a supervisor not being present.
  4. Personnel – Enquire about training methods that the company follows. Is training based on theoretical or practical methods and does training take place on the job? Factors such as uniforms also shows the company’s awareness of security issues and professionalism.
  5. Administration – Does the company have a debt recovery procedure as this could illustrate sound financial management. Also, does the company have a regular feedback system in place as well as detail contracts with their clients and personnel?

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5 Benefits Of Using A Cleaning Company