Choosing the Best House Cleaning Solution For Your Home

House Cleaning Solution
No house is immune to dust, dirt and clutter. All the same, we all lead very different lives and come home to unique living conditions…

There are families with restless babies, messy toddlers or muddy teenage rugby heroes that leaves mom with her hands her hair at the tornado that seems to strike on regular basis…

Or are you a family that enjoys entertaining guests at home, just to find yourself overwhelmed at the piles of dirty dishes that comes as aftermath of your dinner party?

Perhaps you are a single professional who needs to focus on work and social priorities, instead of worrying about ironing fresh shirts for each day of the week…

Whatever your situation, here are 10 steps to follow right now to ensure that your cleaning problems are taken care of once and for all!

1. Identify your unique house cleaning problem

  • Do you have unique security risks to take into consideration, such as a home office with confidential business documents?
  • Do you own household goods that place you at higher than usual risk of theft?
  • Does your house need a proper once-off scrub, a regular clean, or do you need a replacement for a cleaning lady who called in sick?

2. Collect Cleaning Information

  • Which areas of the house are in need of cleaning? Is it mostly the kitchen, bathroom and living areas, or do you have a storeroom or garage that needs some attention?
  • What is the real issue? Do you have a case where dusty air vents, a leaking roof or a rat infestation is the cause of your cleaning problems?

3. Clarify the Cleaning Problem

  • Does your house need a once-off (Adhoc) deep scrub, or does your house need a Weekly dusting and vacuuming?
    Is it time for a Spring Clean that takes care of window cleaning and curtain washing?

4. Identify Service Solutions

5. Develop purchase criteria

  • Security – which procedures do you want in place to keep your house safe and your home environment secure?
  • Supervision – what type of supervision do you require to ensure proper service?
  • Professionalism – do you want to hire a company that trains staff professionally and contracts them legally, or are you willing to take the risk of an informal service provider?

6. Commit to Solving the Problem

  • Make it a priority to find a solution, as procrastination will only leave you frustrated for longer.
  • Commit to making a decision within a week!

7. First Selection of Providers

  • List 2 or 3 cleaning companies that work in your area.
  • Sort the companies in order of preference.

8. Contact Cleaning Providers

  • Phone the cleaning companies on your list to get quotes.
  • Ask questions and make notes about each company’s working procedures other detailed information.

9. Compare the Cleaning Products used by Providers

  • Compare apples with apples when comparing quotes by considering the cleaning products used by each provider.
  • Be careful for cheap fly-by-night companies and products!

10. Decide on the Best Solution

  • Check references of cleaning ladies and customer reviews of cleaning companies.
  • Pick the best cleaning solution for your household.

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