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Cleaning Placements

Quality, Reliability & Trustworthiness

When a household or a business needs assistance with cleaning, be it for a single full day or 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 time a week, we at Skitterblink recommend that you make use of our managed cleaner (placement) service.

You will be visited on site by a Skitterblink representative who will do an assessment of requirements from our placement schedule.

Skitterblink will then undertake onsite training of our cleaner according to the assessed work schedule. This is done so that the cleaner has full knowledge of your cleaning requirements.

The training is comprised of 1 day onsite training which is then assessed 2 weeks later with a visit by Skitterblink management, comprising 2 hours. Thereafter a monthly visit is scheduled.

Skitterblink undertakes to keep open communications with you by regular monitoring of the cleaners’ performance. Skitterblink only utilises employees that are already in their employment and have an exceptional performance and track record within their existing team as a placement.

These cleaners are diligent in their duties and understand what it means to work from 07H00 until 16H00 daily. Their reliability and trustworthiness can be vouched for.

Your personal assistance for a safe, SKITTERBLINK lifestyle!

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