Step 2 Of 5 – Understanding Spring Cleaning


Now that all your legislation is in place, let us start with describing the spring cleaning concept to you. Firstly, download this Spring Cleaning Areas Schedule for further discussion purposes.


First of all, group all the areas / rooms in your house into 6 spring cleaning areas.  During the course of six weeks these 6 areas will be rotated on a weekly basis. In other words, in every cycle of 6 weeks the entire house will be spring cleaned. For explanatory purposes and from our years of experience, we have grouped the house into the following 6 areas:

Area 1

Kitchen, Scullery & Laundry

Area 2

Dining Room & Living Room

Area 3

Main Bedroom & En-suite Bathroom

Area 4

2nd Bedroom & 2nd Bathroom

Area 5

3rd Bedroom & Guest Toilet

Area 6

Entrance Hall, Patio & Garage

When a room forms part of the spring clean area, the following additional tasks, over and above the normal tasks, will be carried out if it is applicable to that specific spring clean area.

Additional Tasks per Day
Clean marks on wallsWindows inside & outsidePolish / oil wooden furniture
Clean light switches, fittings Burglar bars & window sills Move furniture & appliances
Clean skirtings, door frames, cornicesCurtain rails & blindsClean stove / oven

Example: When Area 3 is the spring clean area of the week, the above-mentioned Additional Tasks will only be done for the main bedroom & en-suite bathroom. In other words no oven or stove will be cleaned in this week because it will be spring cleaned as part of Area 1. 

Tip from the Experts

Keep strictly to the spring cleaning areas according to the schedule that you have downloaded for the applicable year. If you do not keep to it, you will not be able to manage your domestic cleaner effectively over time. It is all about time management when you are not at home!

Skitterblink Assistance

Remember, Skitterblink can support you in one of the following ways:

  • We can assist you at home with developing and implementing a work schedule according to your specific requirements.
  • We can train your cleaner according to the specific work schedule.
  • We can supply you with a trained cleaner that is in Skitterblink’s employment.

Until next time, when we will look at Creating Entry & Exit Procedures, make sure you understand the spring clean concept. In the meantime you are welcome to contact our friendly franchisees for assistance with placements.

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