Step 3 Of 5 – Create Entry & Exit Procedures

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I trust that you have a better understanding of the spring cleaning concept since the previous writing. If you are only now joining us in this step-by-step process, please see our Blog page for the previous steps. Now we can proceed to develop Entry & Exit procedures. To follow our discussion, please download our Entry & Exit Procedures form that will also assist you to create your custom-made procedures.


It is important that your domestic cleaner must know exactly what to do when she arrives at your house or premises. If you micro-manage it in the beginning, it will set a solid foundation for the future relationship.

  • Time of arrival and time to start work is not the same.
  • Where will she change and place her private belongings?
  • Must she open or close windows and curtains.
  • Collect dishes from all rooms.
  • Follow the proper sign-in procedure on the timesheet. Remember you can download Skitterblink’s Timesheet.
  • Is the kitchen clean?
  • Are all the windows closed?
  • Are the lights switched off?
  • Ensure chemicals are stored
  • All cloths & equipment are put away.
  • Sign-off on Timesheet.
  • Lock and alarm procedures

Tip from the Experts

It is of utmost importance that your domestic assistant understands that you pay her per hour. She must understand that she is getting paid since she signed in until she signs out. Don’t pay a daily rate. This is when things start going wrong when you are not at home or even if you are at home.

Skitterblink Assistance

Remember, Skitterblink can support you in one of the following ways:

  • We can assist you at home with developing and implementing an Entry & Exit procedure according to your specific requirements.
  • We can train your cleaner according to the specific Entry & Exit procedures.
  • We can supply you with a trained cleaner that is in Skitterblink’s employment.

Till next time, when we will discuss Cleaning Methods & Frequencies, make sure you put your specific Entry & Exit procedures in place. In the meantime you are welcome to contact our friendly franchisees for assistance with once-off or Adhoc cleaning services – those things that your cleaner doesn’t get to, like carpet cleaning, mattress disinfection or high window cleaning. Skitterblink Cleaning Services is a leading provider of professional housekeeping services. With locations across South Africa, it’s easy to find a location near you. Visit Our Skitterblink Franchisees.