Step 4 Of 5 – Determine Cleaning Methods & Frequencies

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Now that your Entry & Exit procedures are in place, we can proceed to determine the Cleaning Methods & Frequencies. Again, if you are only joining us now in this step-by-step process, please see our Blog page for the previous steps. To follow our discussion, please download our Cleaning Methods & Frequencies checklist that will also assist you to create your custom-made Cleaning Methods & Frequency.


It is now time to allocate the frequency of standard tasks to specific rooms / areas. There are basically 3 different frequencies, namely:

(means the cleaning lady will perform these tasks on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays)

(only one of the three days)

(once a month)

Then you allocate the cleaning method according to the rooms. Here are a few examples of cleaning methods and their applications:

Cleaning MethodSurfaceBrushware & ConsumablesChemicalsPrepara-tionAction and Application
Damp WipeNon-porous or washable surfaces.Bucket & Microfiber cloth or Yellow dust cloth.Usually a neutral detergent, but disinfectant cleaner or purpose made detergents also acceptable. Can also apply without any detergent.Surfaces should be dusted.Use water, cloth to be squeezed or wrung out until only damp, but not dripping. Use systematic wiping motion and additional pressure on stubborn soilage. Re-immerse cloth in detergent solution frequently and squeeze dry. Change the solution at appropriate intervals to ensure dirt is not reapplied.
DisinfectNon-porous or washable surfaces.Bucket & mop (for floors) and cloth (for other surfaces) or spray bottle.Chlorine, ammonium or other disinfectant.Surfaces must be cleaned before disinfecting.Apply disinfectant diluted to manufacturer’s specification applicable for the surface, using mop, cloth or spray bottle as appropriate. Apply liberally and allow 5 min reaction time, then vacuum, mop or wipe dry.
Dust (Note – damp wipe is often a better option.)Any washable or non-washable surface.Duster, brush or dusting tool.NoneSurfaces must be dry.Use a vacuum to remove dust, or reverse airflow to blow dust from inaccessible areas to where it can be collected and removed. Use cloth, brush or dusting tool gently to remove loose dust, taking care not to redistribute the dust into other areas.
Spot CleanAny surfaceSpray bottle, brush or cloth.Applicable detergent solution.NoneRemove any spillage or marks immediately that appear (preferably within a day or two of appearance) using appropriate methods.
SweepHard surface floors, paving & concrete.Platform broom (hard bristle for rough areas, soft for smoother surfaces.)NoneNoneMove machines or brooms over surfaces at an effective speed without creating clouds of dust by going too fast. Empty machine hoppers regularly; if using a broom, leave manageable piles of rubbish for collection.
VacuumAny surface, floors, or upholstery.Vacuum filters and suction headset.NonePick up loose items from surface.Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, or reverse airflow to blow dust from inaccessible areas to where it can be collected and removed. Use systematic motion and additional pressure on stubborn areas.
WashChairs, Curtains, CutlerySpray Bottle, ClothsApplicable chemicalsNoneVariable applications.

Tip from the Experts

When you mop your tiles, do not add any chemicals in the bucket of water. Wash your tiles with clean water. Use a chemical spray bottle to spot clean any tough stains and then mop with clean water. When you add chemicals in your water it builds a thin layer of residual soap on the surface, clean after clean. Eventually you will have to deep clean your tiles.

Skitterblink Assistance

Remember, Skitterblink can support you in one of the following ways:

  • We can assist you at home to determine the frequency of standard tasks and the typical cleaning method to clean it.
  • We can train your cleaner according to the specific cleaning methods and frequencies.
  • We can deep clean your tiles for you.

Till next time, when we will discuss the Daily Schedules, make sure you understand the different cleaning methods and the frequency of cleaning associated to it. In the meantime you are welcome to contact our friendly franchisees for assistance with once-off or Adhoc cleaning services – those things your cleaner don’t get to, like deep cleaning or stripping and sealing of floors. Skitterblink Cleaning Services is a leading provider of professional housekeeping services. With locations across South Africa, it’s easy to find a location near you. Visit Our Skitterblink Franchisees.

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