What are the benefits of using a professional commercial cleaning service?

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Have you ever wondered how using a professional commercial cleaning service could benefit your company? There are many ways in which using a professional cleaning company can be beneficial to your company. Let’s discuss some of those benefits:


Employee Productivity

As business owners we often consider team-building exercises and training to keep our employees productive, but do we ever consider the quality of the air they breathe. Research is showing that poor indoor air quality leads to reduced cognitive function which leads to reduced productivity. Hiring a professional cleaning company ensures improved air quality in your office for you and your employees.


Spreading of Disease

Reducing the spread of disease through the office is vitally important to any business owner. We all know that viruses travel from employee to employee leading to lost time and reduced production. A professional cleaning company can reduce the spread of disease in your office by cleaning and disinfecting shared areas and high-touch areas often and properly.


Safe Environment

Keeping your employees safe should be a business owners’ top priority. Professional cleaning companies usually use safe “green” products that are not only safe for your employees but also for the environment. No more chemicals hanging around the office making your employees sick or triggering their allergies.


Professional Appearance

Picture this, you are walking into a cluttered, dusty, strange-smelling office with trash cans overflowing for a business meeting. How does the office make you feel and how does it reflect on the business owner? A professionally cleaned office with pristine, uncluttered surfaces and a clean fresh smell leaves an entirely different impression. Which do you think your customers would prefer?


Cost Saving

Cleaning an office is about more than just a clean environment. Professional office cleaning services involve keeping furniture, shelving, desks, floors, and other areas free from dust, dirt, and contaminants. As well as avoiding carpets from becoming heavily stained and damaged. These cleaning measures result in long-term cost savings due to the reduced need for maintenance and damages.


High-Quality Service

A professional cleaning company shows up to your office with a range of cleaning procedures they need to follow and a lot of experience. These tried and tested procedures in combination with their experience results in the highest quality of services. They can also provide you with a range of services. A service for any of your cleaning needs. Skitterblink offers the following range of services:


–           Domestic Cleaning

–           Business Cleaning

–           Carpet Cleaning

–           Cleaning Placement

–           Hygiene

–           Trauma Cleaning


The reality is that hiring a professional commercial cleaning company holds many benefits including increased employee productivity, reduced spreading of disease, safe environment, professional appearance, cost-saving, and high-quality service. If you would like to find out more about Skitterblink’s commercial cleaning services, you can read more here.

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