What Is Your Domestic Cleaner Costing You?

What Is Your Domestic Cleaner Costing You?

Have you ever considered what your domestic cleaner might be costing you? Over and above paying a salary and buying cleaning chemicals of course? Consider meals and drinks, uniforms and transport fares that need to be paid. Having a personal domestic cleaner seems to add up – and those are not even all the costs involved in employing someone.

Do you really know what a domestic cleaner costs?

Skitterblink has recently shared the 5 aspects to consider when choosing a Domestic Cleaning Company but do you really know the costs associated by using private domestic cleaning services?

5 Benefits Of Using A Cleaning Company

Skitterblink has identified five possible hidden cost factors to consider when you decide to make use of private domestic cleaner.

  1. Breakages – Does your domestic cleaner inform you of breakages that occur due to cleaning? What about breakages you are not aware of? What does it cost to replace a unit which is originally part of a set? What are your insurance premiums for breakages?
  2. Theft – Employing an individual creates security risks – a stranger alone in your house for extended periods of time. Should any uncomfortable occasions occur, consider the process to prove guilt as well as the time and costs incurred to follow disciplinary procedures. Also consider the risk of having irreplaceable items like antiques stolen.
  3. Chemicals – Is you domestic worker using chemicals incorrectly and possibly damaging your furniture or bathroom fittings? Do chemicals cost you hundreds each month due to overuse and not following the usage directions? Is your domestic mixing non-compatible solvents to clean around your house?
  4. Equipment – Have you ever trained your domestic on how to use your expensive equipment? Wise counsel, especially considering the price of items such as irons and vacuum cleaners. Does your domestic inform you when there is a minor fault on your machine or does she use it to total destruction? Are you monitoring clothes that need to be replaced because it was damaged by irons?
  5. Staff Costs – What are you spending when it comes to training, UIF, PAYE, Workers Compensation, annual leave, sick leave, family responsibility leave, uniforms, food, traveling costs? How much time are you further spending on interviews, appointments, contracts and disciplinary actions?

The next time you want to appoint domestic help, make sure to calculate all the hidden costs involved.

Remember that Skitterblink can also assist you with once-off cleaning to help your domestic aid with the things she can’t get to.

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