New Year Without A Domestic Worker, What Now?

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The new year has arrived and we are all excited for what this new year and decade might bring. Our years of experience as a cleaning company has taught us many things of which one is very applicable to this time of the year. We have found that many families struggle in terms of cleaning in January due to holiday chaos or a domestic worker not returning to work. It is our goal to help you this January with your cleaning obstacles. Not only do we provide domestic cleaning services that will make your life so much easier but we also provide cleaning placement services to help you find a suitable match. If you would like to know more you can read our blog on “New year without a domestic worker, what now?

We would like to start of this year with an informative blog on domestic cleaning services and cleaning placement services we provide to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive in.



Our domestic cleaning services are divided into 4 mayor categories to fit every need. These include:

  • Domestic Contract Services: Our domestic contract services are designed to fit our clients’ needs which is why we provide 4 types of domestic contract services. The contract service is based on an hourly concept. Depending on the size of the house/ office and your needs, Skitterblink will allocate a fixed timeslot for the house/ office per week. We send a 4-person cleaning team to your home weekly, bi-weekly or as often as you want with all the equipment and cleaning supplies they might need.
  1. Budget Service – The Budget Cleaning Service is provided according to the personal requirements and budget guidelines of the client.
  2. Standard Service – The Standard Service includes the 15 steps for cleaning a house.
  3. Deluxe Service – The Deluxe Service includes the Standard Service plus additional 10 steps in the focus areas.
  4. Business Service  – The Business Service includes 20 steps for cleaning offices.
  • Domestic Once-Off/ Ad-Hoc Services: This service is based on a call-out. We clean the premises according to our standard routine or you can indicate the specific details that you require.
  • Building Sites: This is a service we provide for developers in need of cleaning townhouse complexes after their building completion.
  • Estate Agents: This service entails cleaning homes before or after moving.
  • Transport Companies: Transport companies often require this service for before or after the transport for a move arrives.




If you find that you are not interested in our Skitterblink cleaning team visiting your home on a contract basis or ad-hoc basis and you prefer a domestic worker in your home we also have a solution for you. We provide a service called cleaning placements where we place a trustworthy, reliable and trained domestic worker in your home for your convenience. The process works as follow: A Skitterblink representative visit your home and does an assessment of requirements. Next we do onsite training of our domestic worker for 1 day which is followed by an assessment 2 weeks later. We continue to monitor the domestic worker with a monthly visit and keep open communication with you to ensure you are satisfied. Skitterblink can vouch for each and every domestic worker we place.

So there you have it. The domestic cleaning services and placement services we provide are designed with the goal of giving you more quality time for yourself and your family. Contact us today for easy, reliable and trustworthy cleaning services.

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