Stop The Coronavirus From Spreading

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We’re sure you’ve been following the emerging news about Coronavirus (COVID-19) that has spread all across the globe. There is a lot of information going around as people try to understand the virus, and its full possible impact, and what is or is not effective against it.

As a cleaning company, we know understand the importance of sanitation and disinfection in prevention of the Coronavirus. But before we get to what can help stop the spread of the coronavirus let’s have a look at some facts:

The latest WHO Information (as of 16/3/2020):

  1. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a Pandemic
  2. Based on what is currently known about the virus, spread from person-to-person happens most frequently among close contacts (within about 1 meter). This type of transmission occurs via respiratory droplets.
  3. The virus also spreads when you come in contact with contaminated surfaces, objects, or items of personal use.

Now let’s see how we can prevent the spread of this virus.

The main prevention method used is hand sanitizer and hand hygiene. As a cleaning company we agree that it is a great start, but we also realize that these viruses are not just on our hands but can also be in our environment. That is why we have been working on the best possible cleaning protocols to put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Step 1. Knock-down COVID-19 spray. At Skitterblink we have a specific service to help you disinfect your environment form most viruses including the coronavirus. We come to your premises and use a fogging machine along with our disinfectant to ensure the best results.

Step 2. Disinfect all surfaces 3x a week. Our disinfectant kills 99.999925% (which is currently the highest on the market) of harmful pathogens, is 100% Chlorine free, kills bacteria, viruses and fungi in 30 seconds and is made up of non-toxic chemicals.

Step 3. Alcohol Hand Sanitizer/Disinfectant. Everyone should disinfect their hand with hand sanitizer 4 x a day and every time after visiting the bathroom.

Step 4. Carpet Disinfectant. Spot clean your carpet with our natural carpet disinfectant.

So, there we have it the best way to disinfect your home or workspace. Download the detailed infection control protocol sheet and protect your home today!

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